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Onishi Originals

When a friend asks for help, you help. Onishi Originals is Sewn From the Heart by Master Seamstress, Josie Onishi. Each item is hand-made and several items can be made to order.

A chance encounter with an old friend and colleague at an estate sale paved the way for this beautiful online store for Onishi Originals. My friend Amy brokered this arrangement to create a modern site with a store featuring items like, the “quillow” a quilt that folds in on itself to create a pillow, handbags, travel bags, and reading pillows with a pocket to hold a little one’s favorite book. Each item is unique with a single quantity available online or custom ordered, also via the online store. Using WordPress and Woocommerce I created a multi-page site with a store and custom order forms for requesting a custom-made quillow or reading pillow. Using the form clients can send Josie specific requests and also share images and links to ensure their item is just what they’re looking for with an estimated quoted price. Reading pillows offer custom character and saying combinations with an option to personalize it with a name for an additional cost making it truly unique. Once the price is agreed upon customers can complete their purchase securely online. Or they may opt to arrange payment with Josie via Venmo during communication about the item.

With input from the broker, I created a logo for the site/store and chose colors that were warm and inviting to fit the tone of the items Josie creates. Amy and I continue to work together creating social media graphics and postcards for live craft fairs.

Onishi Originals

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