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Design and code updated to internal Ai Sacramento Faculty Development Portal. Add ability to submit resources to receive credit for outside-training. Create interactive meter to log completed hours.


Using Bootstrap, I created a dashboard layout that would make information easily accessible and intuitive for all user levels.

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The Process

In the beginning

Goals and desires were discussed and finalized. A couple items that were pertinant included an interactive widget to track completed hours, and implmenting a form to submit outside training for credit.


Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. My research led me to a flat design and I established the structure of the layout in sketches.

Design v.1

While the structure was coming together the colors are not cohesive or well applied.

Design v.2

Layout adjustments make the content easy to nagivate but there is still too much information on the page. I made a decision to use a colorful palette. It remained after receiving positive feedback from users. Some layout adjustments improved the structure of the page, but there is still an over abundance of information and a lack of heiriarchy.

Implemented Design

Additional changes to the content have make it easier to read and a color heiriarchy has been established.

Continued Evolution

With improved skills I have continued to work on the page, making improvements and working towards a fully responsive design.